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About the group

Freakatronic is a German Electro-Rap band which was founded in 2005. Kata Leinad, Southern Strotzky, Teaserlisa and Tobiwan say that they came to earth to save mankind from bad music. Influenced by bands like the Beastie Boys and Daft Punk and inspired by video games and Hip-hop music they created their own style: Robotfolklore. What's so extraordinary about this genre is the German irony and funny lyrics and their jumping live show case with breakdance and video projection.


About the collaboration with Biokip

Since 2007 Biokip and Freakatronic know each other. The collaboration began and a never-ending friendship started. Freakatronic played at many places in Italy and was also featured in the Bloop Festival in Ibiza. Digital Genetic Pasta came to Germany to play an ass-kicking DJ set. They also featured each other on music productions - the current remix production "Tranz Lasagne" - Tranz It (Freakatronic Remix)" will be released in 2013.





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