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aaalice Rosa is an illustrator who lives and works in Milan.

She was immediately fascinated by visual arts when she first saw them (she draws ever since the first time she held a pencil) so in 2004 she graduates from the Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts. aaalice collaborated with the “NO.IS” collective creating graphics, installations and videos, and parallel to this in 2005 she founded the “3.2.1.” association.

Her background is composed by many projects regarding artistic, cultural and social spheres; in every one of them aaalice mixes real and imagination, natural and artificial, analogical and digital. Her style is always refined, feminine, decisive and precise.

aaalice Rosa designed various graphics for the Biokip Limited Edition Clothing collections and she also exhibited her works in some collective art-shows of the Biokip Gallery: “Goodness”, “Shadows”, “Zoccoletti e Zoccolette” and “Nothing To Lose”. She participated in the international proactive art festival BLOOP 2012 in Ibiza.

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