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Dario Rossi



Dario Rossi is a drummer and producer who is best known for his street techno drumming performances.
He represents a fusion in the electronic music scene. Born in 1988, Dario began studying drums at the age of ten, soon he starts to experiment sound playing on objects and making music and then he enrolls in the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome to further his techniques. In 2011, in London, for the first time he presents his set composed by recycled items in the streets, just for a performing experiment. Picadilly square was packed in a matter of minutes.
His performance video in 2014 went viral and you know the rest...
He seeks to improve his live sessions and spreading his name as a producer as well.

He performed in the preview event of BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival 2015`s in Milano Design week. Also in the BLOOP sunset music sessions BLOOP`n` Sunsets and here is the video.

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