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Federico Massa aka CRUZ


Federico Massa, AKA Cruz, is a Brooklyn based artist from Italy, born in Milan in 1981. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in 2006.

During his first year at the Academy, Federico helped found The Bag Art Factory collective in Milan, which he is still an active member.

Federico’s years at The Bag Art Factory were formative for his artistic growth.

Two years later, he enters Biokip, a polyhedral group that make art and electronic music. He collaborated in installations, exhibitions, and staging, mixed with music and artistic scenaries. Federico’s work has been presented in numerous exhibitions all over Europe, and has been published in catalogues as well as art books. He collaborates with well-known fashion brands.

He took part in almost every collective art-show of the Biokip Gallery: “The Suspicion”, “Big Marker”, “The Envy”, “Goodness”, “Shadows”, “Zoccoletti e Zoccolette”, “Nothing To Lose”, "Archivio Biokip" and he also painted a piece in the international proactive art festival BLOOP in Ibiza.

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