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Gaucholadri is an Argentine duo, Marcos Zerene and Federico Calandria who won the BLOOP x GSA win a wall contest held in 2014. Their works are ironic, funny and sophisticated.The Gaucholadri project was inspired by a vision they had on the bus they took to Chile for live painting, whilst watching "Hatchiko, A Dog`s tale" They had an epileptic attck which lead them to Tokyo and saw two gauchos dancing Malambo in a transparent cube. Twirling his boleadores filled with fluorescent paint. Inextricable images that expressed the secrets of the universe were forming on the walls. When the Japanese applauded them, they woke up startled. They understood that they had a life mission: go to Japan and transform the world through magic.

They participated in the 3
rd edition of the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival. Their work can be found here

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