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Born in Rome, Silva is a painter-sculptor who now lives and works near Milan, and is in these two cities where she mostly exhibited her works.

Always attracted by the dynamics of the visual arts, Silva loves to experiment with the various creative methods and materials; both in her paintings and sculptures it’s clear the artist has a real passion for the abstractionism movement.

Silva’s artworks are made of elegant strokes, light colours, signifiers and signifieds and the eternal struggle between order and chaos; her unique personal style is communicative and reticent at the same time.

Silva Ramacci took part in almost all of the Biokip Gallery’s art-shows : "the suspicion"“The Envy”, “Goodness”, “Shadows”, “Zoccoletti e Zoccolette” and “Nothing To Lose”, "Archivio Biokip". She participated in the international proactive art festival BLOOP 2012 in Ibiza.

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