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Sztuka Fabryka


Sztuka Fabryka is a world wide active Belgian artistic collective since 1986.
During the years, the collective has organized several international art events and also has done artistic experiments within various communication networks.

In 2009 Sztuka Fabryka moved from Belgium to Spain and, from that moment and onwards, dedicated its time to its own art, developing more and more projects and ideas. The collective finds inspiration in all the artistic movements, such as preromanic architecture, baroc art, neogothic architecture, industrial art, graphic and conceptual art just to mention some.

The collective’s art is based on a few paradigms, which are also the guidelines and theory in its creations; Sztuka Fabryka’s most important part in its artistic approach is the exploration of its creativity, the artpiece is always the result of a deep research.

Sztuka Fabryka participated in Biokip Gallery’s “Nothing To Lose” collective art-show and "Archivio Biokip".

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