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Ufo5 is a graphic designer and street artist. Despite his young age, he is already an affirmed name in the european street-art scene, and he’s often busy collaborating with companies, art galleries and creative events.

With Biokip Ufo5 has designed various graphics for the Biokip Limited Edition Clothing collections, he took part in all the collective art-shows of the Biokip Gallery :“The Suspicion”, “Big Marker”, “The Envy”, “Goodness”, “Shadows”, “Zoccoletti e Zoccolette” and “Nothing To Lose”. He was the chosen artist by the gallery to illustrate the art show theme “Non E’ Giusto, Ma E’ Normale (It’s Not Right, But It’s Normal)” . He participated in the international proactive art festival BLOOP 2011 in Ibiza.

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