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Luca Barcellona aka Bean One


After strong presence in the old graffiti scene, he moved towards street art and graphic design; his paintings, illustrations and artworks are deeply linked with tipography-calligraphy letters and figures which only nature can create.


Soon his real obsession for letters and colours lead him to becoming one of the most influential names in the Italian graffiti scene.


Later Bean chose to study graphic and lettering until 2003 when he and two other graffiti artists Rae and Marco Klefich founded the Rebel Inkers Collective. It bases its artistic research on live calligraphy and writing performances.


Bean is always drawing or writing and ink is always on his hands.


Biokip is truly thankful as the Biokip tag logo was created by Bean, who has been busy in a solo exposition in the Biokip Gallery, “Breathe”, while he also created the graphics for Biokip’s limited edition clothing collections.

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