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BLOOP Festival 2016


Cropped and forced selfies to post on social networks, photos to capture moments instead of enjoying the present reality, and people glued to their mobiles to “socialize” with friends. Face to face one on one conversation is gradually being replaced by these indirect mass communication on social networks. More and more people prefer sending messages then talking on phones, direct contact with others. The outcome of this formula? Social anxiety, depression, mythomania, obsessions, megalomania…

Photoshopped models with unrealistic body proportions have become a normality driving girls and women to purchase a never ending list of cosmetics, clothing, and dietary products. Sometimes these actions result in anorexia or in cosmetic surgery.

Leave us for phone number, leave us your address, leave us your ….leave us your…to keep your information and account safe. Safe from…? Would disclosing your information truly protect it from an unintended dissemination?

Working overtime, underpaid, sometimes even unpaid, and incessant fear of losing your job. How can one build a future under consistent pressure? Without a job how can one eat, live and have shelter? Build their own family….? Since when did life become so pessimistic?

Traditionally the main reason for war between States was for territory. Nowadays fear has become predominant. Every day we witness never ending violence and confrontation of hard power between nations. Due to fear that the other may jeopardize the nations security. These clashes are a reality effecting each and one of us. Security control in airports, prohibition of religious dresses in public, films in which specific ethnicities or nations are portrayed as criminals, mandatory draft in some nations, shut out of foreigners in need and more realities has become normal due to these fears.

Since when were these tendencies prevalent in modern day society?
What is at the very root of all these tendencies…?

Fear of being yourself.
Fear of being alone if one does not follow modern tendencies.
Fear of direct contact.
Fear of losing or disseminating your information.
Fear of having no future.
Fear of others.

Institutions and organisations harness fear to lead the population to think, act and purchase as they wish. So is it fear that unites us as a society? Or resistance towards these fears?


An eclectic roster of artists will tackle this theme and encourage you to think proactively.