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 Co-founder of the Criminet collective, Biokip co-organized several parties in Milan under the name of the Sphinx Project.

Hosted in an extremely weird location, so trash to result chic, Sphinx nights were something absolutely new for Milan, thanks to the idea to provide the city a social clubbing experience, enriched by the performances of fresh emerging artists, djs and bands.

No big names and no vip attitudes, Sphinx was the right place for cool and creative people (bored of the usual cold and fashionist party of Milan) looking for a different kind of entertainment.

The atmosphere which characterized the Sphinx project was the same you find in the wildest house parties: positive vibrations, friendly people, smiling faces, freak shows and a good dose of madness. Every Thursday Sphinx used to hit the town with an unconventional and irresistible party, in which everybody’s goal was to have fun and socialize in a genuine and fresh situation.

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