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Bean One’s BREATHE


The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from the 16th – 29th Oct to exhibit Bean’s works in a canvas exposition named “Breathe”, where the artist found his inspiration amid the geometrical and thorny shapes that only nature is able to create.

Luca Barcelona aka Bean One was born in 1979 and the man who everybody knows as Bean today, began growing in the middle 90’s, on train wagons as well as the walls of his Milan.

In “Breathe” Bean uses all the shapes and figures created everyday by nature’s fauna to turn them back onto canvases’ borders in the form of flowers and petals of different species.

Also letters always appear in Bean’s works, but get caught by many branches and plants until they can’t move and eventually form good or bad words.

Breathe” as a breathing canvas.

Colours get more and more vivid gradually, while graphic lines meet the canvas with a refined and determined sign, no space for indecisions.

Bean pays more and more attention only to the boarders of each canvas, as if he only wanted to focus on a particular nature, so the rest can finally breathe.

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