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BIOKIP presents “BEAUTIFUL BOXES”, the first of the trilogy exhibition, that foreshadow the  the international contemporary art and culture festival BLOOP that will colour the entire island of Ibiza this summer.

BEAUTIFUL BOXES: a taunt, a reflection on appearance, which is the theme of the festival.
In the contemporary world there is a clear disparity between the values of the container and the content. Containers – beautiful boxes – are they just empty boxes? The will to deal with 
aesthetic models and behavior that are deemed successful and “cool” often enhances alienating lifestyles.

In Milan, from 13th to 19th March, at Spazio Via Dante 14, artists Emilio Cejalvo and Robo, the sculptress Emmanuelle Pacini, sound designer Digital Genetic Pasta and video artist Lo Spino are summoned to share their interpretation of this concept . Works, sounds and performances will encourage the audience to pierce the veil of Maya, offering its own interpretation of reality through the artistic experience.

The works exhibited in Milan as BEAUTIFUL BOXES is a part of the exposition in the BLOOP festival Ibiza.

BEAUTIFUL BOXES is promoted by BIOKIP, in cooperation with A.M.I.C.I association, and is sponsored by the Council of Ibiza, from the Ibiza Tourist Office and the San Antoni de Portmany Town Council.

Synonym of proactive art, or better yet the the art of living and experiencing for personal enrichment.
BLOOP goes back to Ibiza from 15th June to 15th August 2012 after the success of the 2011 zero edition.
Designed and curated by Biokip, the festival has been received enthusiastically by the Catalan island Administration, that has already given authorization to use many beautiful natural and city zones for the next edition. Key location is “Faro de ses coves Blanque”, the island headquarter. From here the art spreads and expands throughout the island, involving, enlivening and transforming it. Lights and colors draw a new Ibiza.

The theme: “appearance” is no longer a norm of everyday phenomenology. It will be analyzed by the artists attending the festival. The contemporary "Appearance", the synonym of obsession for aesthetic and behavioral models that are considered successful  or “cool”. But those that tend to distance us from the way we are and forcing us to worship different models. A topic that is more relevant to the contemporary society than ever, on a famed island of entertainment as Ibiza. The island where the most unbridled entertainment and fun, even the most superficial and aberrant forms of "appearance" are investigated by art, which raises questions and provokes reactions through an aesthetic and unique experience, never banal and ever alive.


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