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Goodness / la Bontà


When one has never heard a man's name in the course of one's life, it speaks volumes for him; he must be quite respectable.

(O. Wilde)


The BIOKIP Gallery opens its doors again with a collective from the 4th Oct from 18:00 to exhibit this time "The Goodness", which is not to be confused with over-sympathy. In the society of appearance goodness is everywhere, and therefore it's shown-off and displayed everywhere as a futile game. This exposition aims to highlight the distance from an indifferent goodness to another that's always ready, always in display, and always in good sight.


Goodness today is a quality that's not present, tiring , betrays, palely discouraged and hobbles frighteningly. It maybe because it's OUT now, maybe because it's not cool, maybe because today the nobility of the soul seems to be the purerogative for the losers. What's true is the goodness is wearing off blow by blow and day after day. Respects goes to the canny ones, ones who do the nice guy as long as he's the rascal, to the dirt that develops by fraud, to the sharks who live in social gaps, to whom steps on somebody and doesn't look at the face of anybody. What BIOKIP Gallery illustrates is the goodness that despite the low blows, offenses and wrong, still keeps the chin up, while its own integrity reflects itself the respect that's never been received. But which it always deserved.


The 4th of October in a Corvetto's loft BIOKIP gallery will talk about the goodness through various works of a circle restricted by artists, among them there will be the usual suspects and new faces in the gallery. The opening of the exposition will be accompanied by Marinella's beautiful voice and dreamlike sounds of Matteo. Together they give life to Musetta, a duo who's had numerous influence from Jazz but has its own unique strenghs.

In the new exposition like the collectives in the past, this time there an abstract piece of Silva Ramacci who comunicates emotions thanks to sole forms and colours, like whispers..

There is Ryan Spring Dooley's works, angelic and tranquille just like his techniques and favourtite CROMIEs.

There is Ufo5's labyrinthical works, fitta di symbols and signs, difficult to decifre just like it's difficult to be a part of goodness.

There is (b)ananartista's eclectic works, impossible to label, absurd as usual against absurdity that blooms everyday.

There's AAAlice Rosa's elegente works, delicate and refined just like and more than before in the 'Shadow' collective.

There's Robo's even more CUPA works, disenchanted and realistic, sinisterly sincere.

There's Emilio Cejalvo's allegorical works, funny provocative divided between graphics and painting.

There's Cruz's works, just like in the past BIOKIP Gallery collectives, characterizing his capacity to use acrylics and pens, sprays and markers.

There's Bros's works, that speaks with a voice of pop culture, be it artistic product, be it creative approach. There's the work of Angelo Cruciani, careful and actual, he looks in society points to reflect to offer points to reflect for society.

Then there's the multi-mediatic work of Eva Stomper, especially installations, a piece with which the spectators and integrate thanks to her main characteristics: interactivity.

The videos of goodness at the BIOKIP Gallery, like in the past collectives, are works of Arianna Blasiolo, Inkyung Hwang and Marcello Mencarini, DATA ability of the artists in the choice and in the use of visible material, looked and expressive. And for the same reasons the sound effects, that joins everything together, Tranz Lasagne and Digital Genetic Pasta are in charge. "

"The Goodness" will be exhibited at BIOKIP Gallery for a week, the opening is on the 4th of October in a Corvett's loft, a space thanks to its morphology it converts itself for various purposes, and also for this reason the 11th of November, the last day of the exposition will be closed off by a electro and funky party, organized by polyhedral team BIOKIP, in which ALTERNERANNO turntables, and in the two rooms of the loft, Trans Lasagne, Digital Genetic Pasta, DJ Cleopatra, FunkyMilano, Boxvision, Funkpolitan, SangueDisken and Living groove, few but good.

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