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nothing to lo 



…scent of freedom, odor of smoke-bombs, haste and disorder for transformation, elegant composure of power, hypnotic sound of dreams, gloomy noises of guns, waiting with hope for a shift, the cold reality that “nothing has changed”, the sweet flavour of illusion, the sour taste of disenchantment…

Discontent, anxiety and unrestfulness keeps us company today, the only certainity it that they're the sons of uncertainity.  These key concepts aren’t so different from what lead the young to the 1968 movements.

The world they tried to re-build in the 60’s was to be accessible to everybody, founded upon solid ideals and values to reach the utopia.

The world they tried to re-build in the 60’s is now a world where only a few are barely living, while there’s less and less help, fewer and fewer smiles. And it doesn’t seem that today’s world is going to get better. The contemporary values are always to have instead of to be, to have more and more.

Today’s young people aren’t so different from the 1968, both imprisoned in too many nepotisms, recommendations and partisanships. Both are determined to change things; because it doesn’t work like this and it’s all fucked up.

This time, Biokip Gallery’s mission is to channel this extremely energetic excitement towards the straight and narrow path, the most complex and difficult one, but the only consistent and constructive one.

“Nothing to lose” art show isn’t hollow criticism against those who participated in the 1968 movements: to generalize is always wrong, and Biokip does not want to trivialize anything nor anybody. The consistency, the consideration and the creative energy of some of the people who “really lived” the 1968 (the real fathers of human-social-cultural revolutions) have to be respected and admired.

On the other side, this Biokip Gallery’s art-show will be a kind of creative déjà vu, a dream-telling, or a “post eventum”, but more than anything the invitation to all young people (and others) to treasure only the best from 1968, to not to re-commit yesterday’s mistakes by truly being able do something today to change our tomorrow.

The exposition will be a hymn to hope, a rebellion (a noisy one). A hope that isn’t just expecting-waiting for things to change all by their own, but a hope to actually improve and sophisticate the society we’re living in. The artists exhibiting their works in Nothing To Lose art-show are: 108, Ufo5, Inkyung Hwang, Akab, Racoon, Alfano, Fede Cruz, Alice Rosa, Emiliano Rubinacci, Emilio Corti, Emmanuelle Pacini,Digital Genetic Pasta, Marcello Mencarini, Alessandro Bertante, Bernard Graf, Sztuka Fabryka, Silva Ramacci, Robo, Bonsaininja, Dario Spinelli and Alberto Garuffio.

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