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the SHADOWS ombre


Biokip Gallery opens its doors from the 12th – 17th of April, 2008 to exhibit the works of Biokip’s artists team in a collective exposition which aims to look at the aspects and habits of the shadows.

A Shadow is nothing more than a faded copy of something else. A shadow prefers to be the faithful double of its inseparable partner, and always silent and permissive. A shadow acts and moves accordingly with the sun on duty.

Never opposing, never dissenting.

Does this shadow have its own strategy, or is it just afraid of living, afraid of taking a stand? Is it a comformist way to avoid problems, or is it a bigger problem?

Anyway, shadows are everywhere, always ready to satisfy, support and indulge every whim of their boss (or partner, or anybody for him) and this Biokip Gallery’s art-show aims to take a closer look at these shady dynamics.

That’s why Biokip Gallery asked artists Silva Ramacci, Fede Cruz, aaalice Rosa, (b)ananartista, Ryan Spring Dooley, Emilio Cejalvo, Thomas Ray, Inkyung Hwang, Maria Palma Nozzi, Taji bpm, Ufo5, Arianna Biasiolo, Marcello Mencarini, Madu, Robo, Eva Stomper, Tranz Lasagne and Digital Genetic Pasta to throw light on shadow’s figure.

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