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THE SUSPICION - il sospetto



The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from 10th -  28th  Feb 2007 to exhibit the works of Biokip’s artists team in a collective exposition regarding and portraying Suspicion as a figure, which plays a constant role in our lives day by day.

Biokip stands on the creativity of the many artists in the underground scene, following and observing them. Various visual evidences comes from each artists’ expressive paths.

This time every one of Biokip’s graphic designers, writers and street artists put their forces together to catch Suspicion’s features, to describe and paint it with words and images.

Exhibiting Cruz, Ufo 5, Interno 55, Ryan Spring Dooley, Silva Ramacci, Luis Armis and Jeanne Tunberg, sound effects by Tranz Lasagne and video performances by Alessandra Caccia and Francesca Grilli.


We live in an era of Suspicion, where doubting everybody seems to be the new dogma, the first move in every relation with the exterior; is this introversion a sort of defence?

Is this Suspicion legitimate or is it evil growing inside us?

This doubt will probably never be solved.

Anyway, Suspicion’s shadow is creeping up on us step by step and so the aim of Biokip now is to understand where and how far it can get to us.

Biokip captures Suspicion’s image thanks to the fusion of different styles, techniques, professional audio effects, video installations, paintings, graphic and texts that talk about its personality and its characteristics.

The sole protagonist is shared between the many artists searching to understand it.

Two rooms dedicated to this suspect Suspicion.

Biokip collective is sowing suspicion in the underground Biokip Gallery.

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