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BETRAYAL zoccoletti e zoccolette


The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from 16th - 31st 04 April 2009 to exhibit the works of Biokip’s artists team (and also the gallery’s contest winners) in a collective exposition based on a theme: betrayal. Who’s never been cheated on? And who could say it with mathematical certainty? Anyways, cheating on somebody’s always a wretched behaviour, because it brings the betrayed one nothing but shame, sorrow and powerlessness.


But why should anyone feel ashamed for somebody else’s mistakes? Is it better to be quiet, turn your head down and act as nothing happened? Or is it better to speak up and take a little, cathartic, revenge against your traitor?


Biokip Gallery for the second time, will deal with the theme betrayal with irony and fun, as always, through its usual unusual way.

In the art-show you will also find the artworks of the gallery’s contest winners: Ariadna Vincente, Francesco Martin, Un Artista Minimalista, Akab, Raffaele Tarallo, Roberto Marquino, Gabriele Nicolotti, Alan Sardella, Maralli Calogero, Gloria Sulli, Stefano e Didier, Ardiri Daniela, Inkyung Hwang, Claudio Parentela and Moi). While the Biokip Gallery’s artist called up for painting the portrait of betrayal are: Emilio Cejalvo, Fede Cruz, Silva Ramacci, Ufo5, Ryan Spring Dooley, Angelo Cruciani, Robo, aaalice Rosa, (b)ananartista, Arianna Biasiolo, Eva Stomper and Marcello Mencarini.

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