The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from 16th Dec to 10th Jan 2007 to exhibit the “Big Marker” exposition. A collective exposition showcasing today’s artistic street culture with markers as the main subject: the writer and street artist’s weapon of choice to leave their mark.


The marker has always been the most preferred artistic weapon for writers and street artist but now it becomes their victim, the target of their creations and original expressive medium.




The exhibition was a colaboration between Cruz, a young artist from Milan, and the Biokip Creative Productions collective, an underground movement promoting contemporary creativity.


“Big Marker” is dually supported by RMX-shop, a store in Milan that offers essential tools for DJs, producers, writers and artists and by Graff Bay, a website which sells anything related to graffiti; markers, cans, fanzines and graphic magazines.


The art-show’s concept is all about the inversion of marker’s usage; before it could only colour, now the twist of fate has turned it into being painted.


From the international underground scene, twenty artists participated in painting twenty markers. Working with the same subject material, the artists customized the background of the marker with their own artistic style.


In “Big Marker”, the Biokip Gallery showcased some of the most infamous writers and street artists creating the streets of half Europe today, such as Nomad, Microbo, Bo130, Cruz, Ufo5, Sail2, Sniper, Nitro and Cone just to name a few.


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