SAETTA, off music cabaret

 Co-founder of the Criminet collective, Biokip gave its support to the birth-growth of the Saetta offf music cabaret project.

What was one of the oldest dance-halls of Milan with Saetta suddenly became one of the coolest clubs of the city, which every Saturday night shocked the town with its innovative shows.

Similar to the cafè-chantant and the european cabaret worlds, in Saetta the stage was all for stand-up comedians, crazy performers, mad musicians and out of it djs; the result was a peerless nuthouse-show, a matchless pandemonium-party which freaked its audience out.

Every Saturday the special guests of Saetta offf music cabaret were artists such as Jessie Evans & Toby Dammit, Freakatronic, Beatrice Antolini, Etienne Jaumet, Boy From Brazil & Hallucination Girl, exhibiting with many other emerging artists. Sound design, effects and music selections by Digital Genetic Pasta.

The innovative energy of Saetta and the hotter and hotter participation of its audience made every night at the Offf Music Cabaret an unforgettable night.


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