The Art Of Losing It… Again


The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from the 2nd - 14th December to exhibit the creations of Nomad in an exposition that reflects his choice of working with recycled materials and object taken from the streets.


Nomad lives and works in Berlin where he started painting many years ago when fascinated by the first sprouts of graffiti and street art. The artists of that era were the ones that later propelled him to appearing on the cover of various graffiti magazines and also on the local police archives.

Soon he leaves German territory for expositions in Spain, Iceland and Japan. But it’s the streets where the artist wants his name to appear even today and he is still in the streets drawing his characters. Nomad leaves his creations on the streets to be taken by a passerby or anybody taking it to their own homes. Almost eight hundred of Nomad pieces were found in the corners of the cities from the years up until today.


“The art of losing it” could have many interpretations and meanings but an interesting one is the concept of loosing, as leaving his works in the urban environment, and as leaving his fruits of expressive research to whom wishes to take them.

Nomad still feels strongly the calling from the streets because it’s always the better place, according to the artist, in order to interact with his public.


Nomad uses many techniques to create his work like many other street artists such as acrylics, markers and paint. Plus recycled material and objects built by Nomad itself.

In “the art of losing it” there will be installations and wall paintings, and many other pieces created with stolen objects from the streets.

It’s always the streets where Nomad searches raw material for his creations in order to bring a little parts of the streets into the gallery.

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