Produced by Biokip Records, interactive musical installation at Plaza del Parque in Ibiza


On the 23rd and 24th of May, from 19:00- 01:00, at Plaza del Parque in Ibiza, BLOOP Festival is going to give us a peek of this year's edition. The interactive musical installation is produced by Biokip Records and a team of creators. 

Anybody that comes within the action radius of the apparatus, instantly becomes the remixer, the DJ, the maestro of the music by moving their bodies. The tracks are all composed by Digital Genetic Pasta and Tranz Lasagne (both from Biokip Records). 

As a teaser of their release on the 10th June and the preview of the world's first international proactive art festival BLOOP, taking in the strenghs of both, the interactive musical installation will come to life in front of our own very eyes!


One picture is worth a thousand words, come and play, it's free!


BLOOP Festival ( is the first of its kind as it is entirely dedicated to proactive art. An art where the artist, artwork and the audience all together become a complete piece of art. Even though the festival is small and independent it evolves across the island, catching the attention of anybody that passes by a BLOOP marked interactive installation, party, video mapping, open air photo exposition, music and more. 


The producer of the installation is Biokip Records (, a label that works close together with the festival. On the 10th June they are going to be releasing Biokip Records 07 “From Queef to Ibiza” by Digital Genetic Pasta and Tranz Lasagne. The tunes played for the installation are from the new release, presented in the most mind grabbing way. 


Since the zero edition, Digital Genetic Pasta  has composed and curated for all the music part of the festival. This year too, Digital Genetic Pasta will be the notes of the festival. As a preview of their tight ties, the interactive installation in Plaza del Parque is a musical interactive installation where the tunes will be played by the passer by, naturally all composed by Digital Genetic Pasta with the help of Tranz Lasagne.

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