BLOOP Festival 2014 theme: THE BEST


Hello world! Biokip here! Yes, we`ve kick started for the BLOOP Festival.


The 2014 theme is “The Best” 
Contemporary society puts you in a condition where you need to be the best or look like you are the best. “The best” people are dressed up with their state-of-the art smartphones, high-class apparel, luxurious automobiles and self-declaration of status. But is this arrogance really “The Best”? 

For those of you who still hasn`t come to BLOOP; the festival is entirely dedicated to proactive arts, where the spectators are encouraged to “think” through the artworks. Going on to its 4
th year this summer it takes place in the midst of sunny Ibiza during the peak season when over a millions tourists gather on the white isle.

Maybe this year we will catch you on the music capital? 


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