BLOOP Festival #7 Ibiza 2017


BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival goes on to its 7th edition across the Mediterranean sea`s gem; Ibiza, Spain. 
The world`s first festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art.
This completely free multi-disciplinary art festival showcases fine arts to new arts such as gigantic murals, interactive installations, video mappings/installations, paintings, children`s workshops, sculptures, installations, parties and many more. 


Thanks to the totally independent BLOOP Festival a new Ibiza is at rise. A new trend, Arts & Culture, has joined Ibiza`s traditional tourism that has been based on its beautiful beaches, outdoor sports and famous nightlife. Despite BLOOP`s extremely limited resources the Festival has requalified an entire city starting from its urban landscapes, and implemented an avant-garde tourism marketing model through Arts & Culture. 


BLOOP 2017 will take place across the whole island with its soul in the heart of Ibiza, Eivissa Town. 

From August 23rd to September 9th. 2017 theme: CHANGES. 
Everybody is welcome because at BLOOP Festival, ART IS FOR EVERYBODY.

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