The Biokip Gallery opens its doors the 22th Oct 2009 to exhibit the works of Ufo5 in a one day exposition on normality… or what normality is supposed to be nowadays. A normality that is often imposed upon us from “up high” and then blindly accepted by people. A normality that (from one day to the next) twists its habits, mortifies lifestyles, condemns behaviours and ideas as wrong, inconvenient and dangerous. The current normality (apparently) sliding and bouncing on top of us are the following:

millionaires resulting to have nothing from the eyes of the tax office; it’s not right, but it’s normal

doubtful customed politicians, parliamentarians and senators preaching about morality, christianity and freedom, while they’re acting behind the scenes for their own businesses; it’s not right, but it’s normal

rough, incomplete public works and structures, unpunished financial disasters, uneconomic habits and growing poverty; it’s not right, but it’s normal

severe prohibition of soft drugs, consequent consumption increase of the hard drug and decreased consumers age; it’s not right, but it’s normal

social discouragement, vanishing youth centers, glorification of “ appearance” and “to have” instead of “being”; it’s not right, but it’s normal

media encouraging people to gamble while the economic crisis is creating more and more victims; it’s not right, but it’s normal.

In the exposition “It’s not right, but it’s normal” through the labyrinthian art of Ufo5 the Biokip Gallery invites the audience to reason through these surreal normalities, in order to realize how much normality can be customized according to society’s leaders’ needs and goals.


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