The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from the 9th June to 9th July 2007 to exhibit the works of Biokip’s artists team in a collective exposition looking all around Envy’s icy smile, trying to catch its nature.

Installations, video projections, audio effects, words and images work together to illustrate the cold figure of Envy, who seems to act like a parasite, burning inside the host.

It’s something abstract and concrete, an object and a feeling, a smile and a light in the eyes. It turns the host green with Envy, so this feeling of lack of something grows more and more. The host is in deficit. So in a vengeance sort of sensation he starts to hate the subject of desire/frustration, tries to render its importance to nothing.

But is Envy really so negative? Or can it make us wish to improve our skills? Is it only a limit? Or can it be a hard obstacle to overcome? And is there anybody who doesn’t envy others at all?

Once again Biokip team’s task is investigating this cold and ambiguous feeling, too often seen by the people’s eyes.

Artworks by: Kain Logos, Materia Plank, Sbafe, Ufo5, Eva Stomper & Home Innovation, Arianna Biasiolo, Marcello Mencarini, Fede Cruz, El Euro and Inkyung Hwang.

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