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Biokip Record's first CD release in 2005.
The name of the album is Analalbum, the name of the artist is Tranz Lasagne.

Already from the intro of the first tracks it’s clear that Tranz Lasagne's stuff are hot as hell: bouncy electro-techno beats, solid basslines and typical 90's sounds tweaked with new contemporary taste.

With the 13 tracks of Tranz Lasagne’s Analalbum you're sure to dance until you drop!

The next level of techno music.
Track list: 
1. evva funk cool oh
2. engeny ano
3. nokiuzza
4. acidella
5. menandolo
6. osvi
7. tecnazza
8. svensong
9. h-zzo
10. cojono
11. pendolino
12. sbur`n`bass
13. skoncazzo


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