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TRANZ IT - biokip records 06 by Tranz Lasagne

 Tranz Lasagne “Tranz IT”

After two years of silence Tranz Lasagne delivers us a shizzeling hot release of tasty tunes straight from the oven. During his sudden hide away the DJ producer was spotted in Ibiza, Milan and London, making party people, disco lovers and sound freaks to ballare, bailar and DANCE!

The tracks are abundant and stuffed as usual but Tranz never fails us, always smart and toned. His voyage to the dance music capitals must have added more spices to his collection of sounds. 

1. Tranz IT Original

2. Tranz IT Freakatronic Remix 

3. Tranz IT Digital Pasta Remix

After 2 years BIOKIP Records starts to hatch disks again. BIOKIP 06 – TRANZ IT, the new production of Tranz Lasagne under 3 versions: the original (ideal for techno lovers), remix by Digital Genetic Pasta (with a hint of breakbeat), and remix by Freakatronic (impeccably harmonized with their “slight” 90's style ).

The release will be available for sale from the 29th of March in all major online stores of good electronica!!  








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