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 Sorry for the wait! Biokip to the world! 

BLOOP is coming back to Ibiza this summer. Sprinkling the entire white isle with proactive art, encouraging all audience "to think" on a certain social theme. Who steps foot in the action radius of the BLOOP marked murals, interactive installations, music, video mappings, photography, paintings, live concerts, workshops and many many more will be reflecting on the annual theme that Biokip asks us. 

The theme for the 5th edition of Biokip`s avant-garde project is MULTIVERSE (parallel universes). The festival will run for more than a month from 16th July to 24th August colouring the Ibiza island renowned for its night life and dance music.

For the 2015 edition artists from around the globe with top notch sensitivity will be questioning, investigating and creating the MULTIVERSE (parallel universes), narrating their take on the theme in their own languages, in a way that will be comprehensible to all of us.


At BLOOP, art is for everybody.

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