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BLOOP 2014 1st Preview Event



For those of you who can`t wait till the grand opening of the 4th edition of avant-garde art, BLOOP Festival, the magic begins! 4 book breaking preview events are scheduled to take place before the festival. 

The first piece was a addition to the long term project Open Air Gallery project by 
Emilio Cejalvo the maestro of optical illusions, double meanings and metaphors. The Spanish artist has participated in BLOOP since its pilot edition and carries a history with us, Biokip Creative Labs. 
The painting was inspired by the Venus of Urbino, Titan, 1538. There was no other better example of “THE BEST”, arrogance than the narcissism of the Venus, says the artist from Cuenca.

Emilio`s Venus is waiting for your eyes in Benimussa Park just behind 
Gala Night in Sant Antoni. Due to its anamorphic characteristic you`ll need to find the right spot and there she is!


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