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Making an Appearance: Happy Ending


The doors for Making An Appearance closed today.

Martha Copper was fantastic again. A person with beautiful energy, as usual with her outstanding modesty and strong will to be in close contact with the people who appreciate her. 


The exhibition had more than 4,500 visitors of all types, an absolute Biokip style.


We're always happy and glad to have her exhibition. Martha, not only she is an icon of world photography but also a symbol for hip hop, graffiti and street art scene. She an idol for creative generations, vandals, photographers, artists and dreamers. For this exact reason we worked so hard so that this exhibition would go well. 


Digital Genetic Pasta, like all the other Biokip art exhibitions, prepared a fantastic audio that precisely represented the world which the photos narrated to us. 


We would like to thank our new and old friends... their presence justifies all our effort and they motivate us. 

...but let's give these guys here a round of applause...They thought through and decided to tag all over the staircase and the bathroom. Straight away, one of us chased after them until the tunnel of the subway. After wards they had to buy themselves the aceton and clean all the mess they had made...and one of them even said “The bathroom is cleaner than before now...”. For us good writers are the ones who respect others...and obviously they don't get caught!


We organize exhibitions for free admission and we also offer things for everybody, including these desperate and rude people. The occasion to see, understand and maybe learn something from a historical movement that they chose to not to take part. 


Not only they were caught but they were very kind to dedicate deed to Martha Cooper. We all know that they been very very good: dedicating a tag and then cleaning the tag. 


If there were others, they would have had to pay for the damage and have pressed charges. We're just going to post one photo of these idiots, which of course due to respect their faces are covered, whilst they're cleaning the bathroom...honoring Martha Cooper. 

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