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The Good Fellas!

Few years ago in Arcore, the city near Milan where prime minister Silvio Berlusconi lives, took place a protest against italian premier, who’s involved, this time, in a “still not proved” pedo-sex/juvenile-prostitution scandal.
Actually the thing was nothing big, with a few people demonstrating in the streets, in front of the police, until the first small struggles… then two guys got arrested and game over. But when the TV showed the video of these two guys being set free (there was no reason for their arrest) the fact one of them was wearing our Biokip Tag Hoody represented his clear innocence’s evidence… how a Biokip fan could even think to annoy our poor, poor, Silvio, who’s always in a hurry working honestly and liberally for all us? Keep it on Papy, respect!

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