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BLOOP Festival's Uncensored App


In 2016, after 6 years of BLOOP and the OpenAir.Gallery project, the cultural advisor of Sant Antoni censured one of our mural for the project. The exact reason why we decided not to collaborate with this institution. 

The mural was a piece on bullying by Greek artist Ino (who is participating this year as well and left us with a beautiful work on global warming). 

We decided to make the censured mural unephemeral by having everybody paint it “virtually” on any surface in the world. 

Just download the free app from the play store on android (link below). “Virtually” paint the mural, take a photo, being careful of the prospective and the dimensions,  and share on your socials with the automatically generated hashtags. 

Be an artist, download for free and help us spread the Freedom of Speech! (LINK HERE)


BLOOP 2017 is coming soon!

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BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO is a completely free celebration formed of 


BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO is a micro pilot edition of the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA, Spain. An event dedicated to proactive arts that exhibits comprehensible art to a universal audience with the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”.
The BLOOP FESTIVAL IBIZA is the world`s first event entirely dedicated to proactive art. An event that exhibits comprehensive art to a universal audience. It is internationally renowned for the murals (over 60) that BLOOP has sprinkled across the island over the years.

EXPERIENCE is the urban side of BLOOP

SHOWCASE is the essence of BLOOP, an exposition of creative technologies, fine arts and music

KIDS is where the little ones become artists

BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO brings a sneak peek of the Mediterranean fiesta to the city of Milan…


The SHOWCASE OPENING features the following….

Said Dokins: calligraphy limited editions and wooden artworks. Dokins is one of the world`s leading calligraffiti artists. He just left a series of murals in Via Turchino for the BLOOP EXPERIENCE. 

Pineapple Crocodile: all music and sound design. An art collective based around music. BLOOP resident artist. 

Lo Spino: a meta-virtual reality installation and video mapping installations. He is a video mapping installation artist. BLOOP resident artist. 

BIOKIP Atelier: intelligent lighting design. A creative team that specializes in artistic conception and production. BLOOP resident artist. 

AMADAMA: interactive lighting systems. An artist who harnesses creative technologies.