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 Studio Biokip labs

Biokip Labs is the further step of Biokip. The creative studio focuses on the following projects: consulting, artistic production, re-qualification projects, franchising programmes, and creative services.

The Consulting part of Biokip Labs undertake large to small scaled re-qualification projects. With Biokip Labs` experience of over a decade in the front line of tendencies, arts, and style, the following regenerate completely: entire cities, bars, events, spaces, and professional individuals. Maximumly honing each structure`s potentials. From planning, projection, production, execution, to results.

Biokip Labs will relentlessly pursue visible improvements.

The Production part of Biokip Labs holds a strong network of highly skilled designers, artists, musicians, and technicians that we have consolidated through years of experience. Interaction design, holograms, prototype making, exhibition designing and setting-up, video production, audio production and many more tailor made artistic products for your each and every purpose. Clients have relied on our production services for advertising spots, event teasers, short films, jingles, expositions, product launching, brochure making, presentations, catalogues, and the list goes on forever.

We are responsible from the very beginning to the end, from concept planning to visible results of each product. With us your ideas come to life, even better than you would have ever imagined.

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, is a completely free avant-garde art festival that has been taking place in Ibiza for six consecutive years. The event involves a universal audience showcasing traditional fine arts to latest arts. In the last few editions it has had an average of more than 90,000 visitors per edition. It is a long term re-qualification project to re-evaluate an entire city, a victim of real estate speculation in the past and a destination for drunk tourism, through arts and culture. 

This project is exportable to other cities as franchised Festivals. Please consult us for further information.

Lato Corto. Laser cutting and engraving services. From wood to plexiglass (acrylic glass) the machine can work with various materials. Lato Corto will satisfy the specific demands of designers, makers, brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative agencies.
Competitive pricing and th
orough support guaranteed.

iRO iRO Creative Languages,is a translating, interpreting, writing and other creative services agency for businesses and individuals. The iRO iRO team is formed by linguists, writers and experienced professionals with wide ranged background in art, music, communication, journalism, publishing, marketing, advertising, law and technology.

As businesses and individuals expand their fields all over the world, conveying the message accurately and making things work smoothly in numerous aspects under any kind of circumstances becomes ever more essential. This is where iRO iRO Creative Languages becomes in. With its rainbow colored background they are able to assign the most professional to each client creating a one and only match.

The iRO iRO Teams is punctual, precise, accurate, creative and colorful.

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